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Club Business

President's foreword

Prez sez
Prez Sez
Ben Johnstone
February 2017

What a great after holiday party! It is get togethers like this that make me realize what a wonderful group of friends we have become. I am really proud to be a part of this club. I hope you all feel the same way.
If you were late signing up this year, you may not have received our ride calendar. You can send a message to me through meet up, or the Redwood Riders web site, (Officers page or Contacts page,) and I will send you a copy. You can also see the ride calendar for the entire year on the meet up site or the main web site. We do this so you can plan your vacations for those overnight rides you wish to attend. Also make sure you don’t miss a ride along your favorite roads or to your favorite destination.

If there is someplace you would like to ride to that is not on our schedule, let Mike Holden (Tours and Events Director). He is always looking for new adventures.

By popular demand, Mike has instituted a monthly ride reminder email. This is a great addition to our other club communications and lets you know additional particulars about upcomming rides. Look for it in your e-mailbox.

Freezing in Sonoma
Freezing in Sonoma
Submitted By Ben Johnstone ~ President

Secretary's report

Redwood Riders Monthly Meeting

January 17th, 2017
Opening Statement:  President Ben Johnstone opened the meeting talking about the good turnout for the Gualala ride on Jan 15th.  It was a chilly morning and there were 20 riders that left Shari’s to make the ride.
Reminded the membership that our After Christmas Party was coming up on Saturday, the 28th.  The cost is $20 to attend which includes a buffet luncheon and there will be a gift exchange, not more than $10 in value.    

Dues are due ($24) and need to be submitted to our new treasurer, DeeDee Dargence.

George Homenko has taken on the Safety Officer position and has given up being Sgt at Arms.  Ben asked for volunteers to fill the Sgt at Arms slot and Rosalie Mack volunteered.

Minutes: were read by Sharon McMillan

Treasurers Report:  DeeDee gave treasurer report.  She said that a new account had to be opened and she and Ben Johnstone are the authorized signatures requiring only one signature on the checks.

Membership:  No report this month as Marcel is on vacation

Tours and Events: Mike Holden reported that the first scheduled ride of the year to Stinson Beach had to be cancelled due to rain
The Gualala ride on the 15th had a good turnout even though it was a cool and foggy morning.  Ride home in sunshine.

Upcoming Rides in 2017: 
Feb 4th – Coppola winery – route will be through Mark West Springs, Alexander Valley and end up at the winery around noon for lunch.
Feb 19th – To Be Determined

Safety Officer:  George Homenko said he will have a new format.  The week before the meeting he will send out a video to watch and then there will be a discussion on what was covered at meeting.  Rosalie Mack complimented George on the last video he sent out. 

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Melisa Brown wanted to make sure she had the names and head count for those attending our upcoming party.

50/50 Raffle:  This month’s raffle was won by Graham Balfour who donated his portion to the Ceres charity.  The second prize which was a club t shirt was won by Barbara Bowen and the last prize was won by Dave Albritton which was a $10 Starbucks gift card.

Guests:  We had as a guest, Dave Donati.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:20

Sharon McMillan, Secretary

Tours & Events Director's Report

Send your suggested rides to: tours&

By Mike Holden, Tours & Events Director

Membership Director's Report
New members in January

Randy and Conci Mack

Current membership

Number of riders            88
Number of co-riders       14
Total Club members      102*

*Renewals to date:          61
Membership Statistics

Men          69
Women     33
Members from
5 Counties
24 cities
Birthdays in  February
Vincent Bean
Daniel Boudreau
Sid Burwell
Debralea Comstock
Mark Exter
Michael Turpin
George Homenko
Randy Mack
Alex Pulley
Silvia Schagerer
Clint Stevenson
Happy Birthday

Bulletin Board Notices
Three members honored at the "After holiday party."
See page four of the newsletter for details.

We have a new board of director

Sargeant at Arms: Rosalie Mack
Welcome Rosalie. You are a great addition to our board.

New style hats are a success!
So far, we have sold 17 of the new design.
The new design incorporates a sandwitch bill (visor) with a red line, red accents, is fully adjustable
and best of all it is only $15.00 with no tax.
If you want one of these, you can get it yourself by contacting Toni Morrison directly. Her phone
number is on the contacts page of the newsletter. Optionally, you can order one from Marcel at
a meeting or on a ride. Cash only please.

Please don't forget to send in your membership dues.
If you did not get a renewal notice email, contact Marcel at:
You can also download a form on our main website under the "Membership" tab of the menu.
Send your dues to the address on the renewal form.
2017 membership cards will be handed out at general meetings and on rides.
See Dee Dee or Marcel.

New 2017 Ride schedule announced:
See the Calendar on the Meetup site or main site for details.

For last minute ride changes call the hotline. 707-636-4811

Club Gear
Please note, we have added the contact information for ordering patches, T-shirts and hats
on the Contacts page of the newsletter. If you prefer, you can give your order to Marcel.

Be proud to be a Redwood Rider
Next general meeting, please order your Redwood Riders hat. Be proud to be a Redwood Rider and show our colors. Many of you do not agree with the old style of vests and patches. I get that and it is OK. However, we can wear hats that show our logo and still be in the current style. It is also good for name recognition. It gets our name out to the public. Name recognition also helps get new recruits for our club. New members are the lifeblood of any organization.

Road Rules Safety reminder
We do not ride side by side. We ride staggered. We never pass another rider in the same lane, at any speed. It is OK to get next to the rider in front of you when coming to a stop sign or a red light but never when the bikes are moving.

RRMC Membership Cards
If you don't have your membership card yet, check with Marcel or Dee Dee. You need this card to get the discounts offered by our sponsors.

By Marcel Svizzero, Membership Director

Safety Officer's Tip of the Month

Don’t buy more bike than you can handle.

If you’ve been off of motorcycles for awhile, you may be surprised by the performance of today’s bikes. Even models with small-displacement engines are notably faster and more powerful than they were 10 or 20 years ago.

When shopping for a bike, start with one that fits you. When seated, you should easily be able to rest both feet flat on the ground without having to be on tiptoes. Handlebars and controls should be within easy reach. Choose a model that’s easy for you to get on and off the center stand; if it feels too heavy, it probably is. A smaller model with a 250- to 300-cc engine can make a great starter or commuter bike. If you plan on doing a lot of highway riding, you might want one with an engine in the 500- to 750-cc range so you can easily keep up with traffic.

By George Homenko, Safety Director

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