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Club Business

President's foreword

Prez sez

Prez Sez
March 2017

Ben Johnstone

Hopefully by the time you read this you will have experienced at least one sunny day, and actually taken a ride in at least a semi-warm temperature.  California might have weather averages, but certainly no “typical” days for any particular time of year.  What we seem to get are weather extremes with only rare days at or near the average.  Nevertheless, California remains one of the best riding states I know of with year long riding available most of the time.

With spring fast approaching my attention turns to getting my bike ready for the riding season.  I check the tires for wear and pressure, make sure the oil is fresh, and wax the bike.  I don’t want to be attending to these matters when prime riding weather returns.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but I have, that our club is continuing to become more vibrant.  The monthly newsletters are getting better and better, and George (our official photographer) has produced some outstanding videos and photo’s of club activity.  Also many riders are getting serious about planning riding vacations.  The general membership meeting is the place to make those close connections and discuss your summer riding plans as well as getting hooked up with other members summer rides.  One of the great things about this club is that everybody likes each other.  That makes it super easy to connect with others for new riding adventures.  If you haven’t done this yet, I encourage you to start right away.

By Ben Johnstone ~ President

Secretary's report

Redwood Riders Monthly Meeting
February 21, 2017
China Village, Rohnert Park

Sharon McMillan
Opening Statement:  Ben opened the meeting commenting on all the rain and our rides are being cancelled because of it.  The only one that happened was the Gualala ride on Jan 15th.
We have a full year of rides scheduled.  Ben announced he will be on vacation in May when he was putting on the overnight ride to Redding the weekend of the 20th & 21st.  Advised that someone will need to take over that ride for him.

Great job done by Gretchen Tomm and Melisa Brown in putting together our After Holiday Party.

We visited Ceres Community Project on Feb 8th and presented them with a check for $721.00 for our annual donation.  We were given an overview of what the organization does for the community.  Ben read the thank you card the club received regarding our donation.

Minutes: were read by Sharon McMillan

Treasurers Report:  DeeDee gave treasurers report.  

Membership:  Marcel reported that we have 57 paid members at this time.  There are 100 total members on the list with some still needing to renew.  Reminded the members that we have to have a signed application for someone to become an official member. 

Marcel has eight 20th anniversary pins still available. 

Club hats were passed out to the members that ordered them.  Hats have names embroidered on the back.

He has new club business cards available for the members to give out to potential members. 

Commented on the Awards given at the After Holiday Party which was given to Sharon McMillan, for being secretary for the last several years and thanking her for the doing a good job taking notes at our meetings.  Another award went to Mike Holden for his great job as Tours and Events officer.  He plans all of our rides and does an excellent job with all the planning. 

Sharon recognized the award given to Marcel as our membership officer.  His award was presented for his tireless contributions and efforts in promoting our club.

Tours and Events: Mike Holden reported that our rides have been rained out except the Gualala ride last month.  The ride to the Coppola Winery on Feb 4th was also rained out.  Mike reported that it is difficult to get reservations for the weekend and we might make it a weekday ride.

Upcoming Rides in 2017: 
March 4th is our ride to Freeport which is out in the delta. This ride will be led by Gretchen.
March 8th which is a Wednesday will be led by Wade over to Winters for lunch.
March 19th Mike will lead the group to Ione.
Mike talked about a ride he will be making to Jefferson Lake, Colorado sometime around the end of June.  This will not be a club ride, but anyone that would be interested in joining him is welcome and to let him know.

Safety Officer:  George Homenko discussed the videos he is posting for the membership to look at.  The latest one was on cornering techniques.  Rosalie Mack complimented him for posting it.  She found it had some very good information.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  None

50/50 Raffle:  This month’s raffle was won by Barbara Bowen and the same amount will go to our Ceres charity.  The second prize which was a pair of fingerless gloves was won by our new member, Randy Mack.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30

By Sharon McMillan ~ Secretary

Tours & Events

March Rides and Events
March 2017

Mike Holden
New month upcoming which promises to be much less drippy and drizzly than February, at least that’s what those paragons of forecasting, the weathermen, tell us.  So we should plan on getting ready for some serious riding during March and beyond.  Fun stuffs a comin'!  Here’s what we have for March:

    Saturday, March 4 - Gretchen will lead us through the delta to Freeport.  Knowing Gretchen this will be an interesting ride along a great route.  We’ll meet at Shari’s in Rohnert Park at 9:30 and leave at 10:00.

    Wednesday,March 8 - We’ll again meet at 9:30 at Shari’s and follow Wade to Ukiah. His route is very beautiful, particularly in the Spring which, luckily, is now. We will have lunch at the City of 10,000 Budhas just outside of town.  Lunches are very reasonably
    priced but this is a cash only establishment so bring a little of the green stuff.

    Sunday, March 19 - I'll be leading the ride to Ione, a small gold rush era town in the foothills a little southeast of Sacramento.  This will be our first ride in Daylight Savings Time so we’ll be meeting at 9:00am and leaving Shari’s at 9:30.

    Tuesday, March 21 - General Meeting at 7:00 at China Village in Rohnert Park.  For those new members or those who may be planning on attending their first meeting many of us come at 6:00 to enjoy dinner and mingling with other members - it,s a fun time.

And remember, good weather means good riding. Call some friends and wear some of that rubber off those tires.
By Mike Holden ~ Tours and Events Director

New members

Steve Cook
David Donati
Scott "UnclePsycho" Thompson

Current membership

Full memberships            56
Co-riders                           8
Provisional members         3
Total Club members        67*
*Total to date
Membership Statistics

Men           44
Women      23
Members from
5 Counties
25 cities
Birthdays in  March
Linda Holden
Darren Holloway
Rosalie Mack
Rita McAleece
Larry Rainer
Mathew Howard
Andrew Lock
Scott Malloy
Shirleen Perry
Craig Sultan
Happy Birthday
Bulletin Board

New style hats are a success!
So far, we have sold 26 of the new design.
The new design incorporates a sandwitch bill (visor) with a red line, red accents, and your name on the back. It is fully adjustable, and best of all it is only $15.00 with no tax.
If you want one of these, you can get it yourself by contacting Toni Morrison directly. Her phone
number is on the contacts page of the newsletter. Optionally, you can order one from Marcel at a meeting, on a ride or
by Email.

Please don't forget to send in your membership dues.
If you did not get a renewal notice email, contact Marcel at:
You can also download a form on our main website under the "Membership" tab of the menu.
Send your dues to the address on the renewal form.
2017 membership cards will be handed out at general meetings and on rides.
See Dee Dee or Marcel.

New 2017 Ride schedule announced:
See the Calendar on the Meetup site or main site for details.

For last minute ride changes call the hotline. 707-636-4811

Club Gear
Please note, we have added the contact information for ordering patches, T-shirts and hats
on the Contacts page of the newsletter. If you prefer, you can give your order to Marcel.

Be proud to be a Redwood Rider
Next general meeting, please order your Redwood Riders hat. Be proud to be a Redwood Rider and show our colors. Many of you do not agree with the old style of vests and patches. I get that and it is OK. However, we can wear hats that show our logo and still be in the current style. It is also good for name recognition. It gets our name out to the public. Name recognition also helps get new recruits for our club. New members are the lifeblood of any organization.

Road Rules Safety reminder
We do not ride side by side. We ride staggered. We never pass another rider in the same lane, at any speed. It is OK to get next to the rider in front of you when coming to a stop sign or a red light but never when the bikes are moving.

RRMC Membership Cards
If you don't have your membership card yet, check with Marcel. You need this card to get the discounts offered by our sponsors.

By Marcel Svizzero ~ Membership Director

Safety Officer's Tip of the Month

Motorcycle Cornering
March 2017

George Homenko

Hello Redwood Riders,

In the next couple of months I would like to cover the subject of motorcycle cornering. We all have our own reasons for riding a motorcycle. For me, next to the camaraderie, I love a twisty road. Nothing like nailing a corner, for me its what it is all about.

The linked video is a great start in forming or bolstering good cornering habits. One of the things mentioned in this video is something I have to remind myself to do all the time. Looking through the corner. In the video its mentioned at the time marker 1:55. I have a bad habit of looking short in a corner, not looking ahead enough. As soon as I start looking through a corner everything flows so much better. It's like walking and staring at your feet, it just doesn't work very well. Look ahead, keep your head up in a corner. For me it makes a huge difference.

Some more basic cornering tips:

  • Do your braking before the corner not in it.
  • Always try to enter the corner at the proper speed Accelerate out of a corner, not into it.
  • Start the corner wide. This makes a tight corner not so tight and improves visibility. More to follow on technique this next month.

And for all those people that think their cornering can't get any better here is a video for you.

Also please do not ride on left side of the road (like in the video) unless you are in Australia or England or some other  place where they drive on the wrong side of the road!

Safety Officer

BMW George

By George Homenko ~ Safety Director

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