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Club Business

President's foreword

Prez sez

Prez Sez
May 2017

Ben Johnstone

All this rain is making me feel a little sorry for myself.  I want to get out and ride.  I am considering complaining to the California Chamber of Commerce.  I was definitely promised more riding time when I came to this state.

To cheer myself up I went through some old photo’s of past motorcycle trips.  Below is one I took while traveling through the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho in 2014.  What you see on the bike is ICE!!!  Barb and I were staying in a cabin right on the river.  As is my practice I got up early, provided Barb with her morning coffee, and then went out to wipe the previous days bugs and grime off of the bike.  I do this with a rag soaked in hot water from the room along with one to dry the bike after wiping.  When the hot rag touched the chrome back of the first mirror, it froze to the mirror!  At that point, I reconsidered our travel itinerary and went back to bed.

We were able to ride to breakfast 3 hours later. While we ate, we waited for the weather to warm up.  It was still pretty cold when we left breakfast, and Barb wanted me to ride faster to get to the warmer area south at a lower altitude.  I insisted on traveling at a modest speed as there was still black ice on the road here and there.

After seeing this photo, I decided a little rain wasn’t enough to make me sad, and I went out for a ride.

By Ben Johnstone ~ President

Secretary's report

Redwood Riders Monthly Meeting
April 18, 2017
China Village, Rohnert Park

Sharon McMillan

Opening Statement:  Ben opened the meeting suggesting that the membership think about next year’s officers and board members and who might be interesting in taking on those roles. 

Mike added that we could use more road captains.  Helpful in putting the rides on and helping out other road captains during rides.    Discussed having signup sheets at the beginning of our rides. 

Most of our rides so far have been rained out.  If a ride is cancelled due to rain and if it looks like it may not rain, members may want to show up and to do an unofficial ride on their own.  Possibly unofficial rides could be posted on Meetup.

Our board meetings are held every quarter and members are welcome to attend.

Minutes: were read by Sharon McMillan

Treasurers Report:  DeeDee gave treasurer report. 

Membership:  Marcel reported that we have two new members, Rodney Allen and Dave Finkelstein.  We will possibly have 10 members renewing that have not done so as yet.  No response from prior members, Mark Exter and Steve Bowne.  

Club hats have been ordered for those that turned in their order.

Club business cards available for the members to give out to potential members. 

Tours and Events: Mike Holden reported that most our rides have been rained out.  George’s mystery ride on April 1st did not get rained out.  The ride went to Locke with lunch at Al The Wop’s and included a ride on two ferrys.

Upcoming Rides in 2017: 

April 23rd   ride to Sausalito with George leading in place of Mike.

May 6th – Gretchen will lead our ride to Lakeport.

May 10th – Wednesday ride to Old Sacramento

May 20 & 21st – Overnight ride to Redding with Gretchen and Wade leading in place of Ben

June – Mike will lead a non-club ride to Colorado.

Safety Officer:  George Homenko emailed out a video for this month’s safety report covering cornering and the contact of the tires while cornering.   Discussion on tire physics and proper front brake vs the rear braking in the curves.

New Business:  Ben mentioned the non-club long trips and that members may want to get together and do some of these rides with fellow members.

Sharon McMillan extended to the members an invite from Karen Knapp with the HOG chapter to participate in the annual Bike Blessing on April 29th.  Meet at Sonoma Co HD at 10 AM for a ride and end up at The Promise Center, 791 Lombardi Court, Santa Rosa.  Includes a free lunch.

Rip City Riders was having a ride on Saturday, April 22 starting at Spanky’s in Cotati 8:30 – 10:30 and ending up in Penngrove Park.  Charge of $25 includes poker hand and lunch.

Old Business:  None

50/50 Raffle:  This month’s raffle winners were George Homenko who won a Redwood Riders hat.  Second prize was won by Robyn Chosy which was a $10 gift card for The Dollar Tree.  The 50/50 charity raffle was won by Laurie Darling. 

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45

By Sharon McMillan ~ Secretary

Tours & Events

Rides and Events
April 2017

Mike Holden

Most of our rides have been cancelled due to rain so far this year. It appears that the rainy season is over so get those bikes cleaned and shined.

Upcoming Rides in May: 

May 6th – Gretchen will lead our ride to Lakeport.

May 10th – Wednesday ride to Old Sacramento

May 20 & 21st – Overnight ride to Redding with Gretchen and Wade leading in place of Ben

June 16 to June 25 – Mike will lead a non-club ride to Colorado. Anyone iterested should contact me.

By Mike Holden ~ Tours and Events Director

New members

David Finkelstein
Rodney Allen (returning)

Current membership

Full memberships            59
Co-riders                           8
Provisional members         6
Total Club members        73*
*Total to date

Membership Statistics

Men            49
Women       24
Members from
5 Counties
25 cities
Birthdays in  May
Heidi Bigall
Jimbo Boeddiker
Lulu Iacoviello
Terry Wilson
Leonard Frow
Mark Hemhauser
Mark Quam
Happy Birthday
Bulletin Board

Long Ride to Colorado in June.
Leaving June 16, returning June 25. This is an unoficial ride and is not club sponsored but it is open to anyone who wishes to participate. It is organized by Mike Holden.
If you are interested, contact Mike by email and he will tell you what to do to make reservations
for Motels. His email address is on the contact page of the newsletter.

For last minute ride changes due to weather, call the hotline. 707-636-4811

New ride time.
It’s Daylight Savings Time, so our meet up is now at 9:00am and rolling by 9:30 from Shari's in Rohnert Park.

New style hats are a success!
So far, we have sold 26 of the new design.
The new design incorporates a sandwitch bill (visor) with a red line, red accents, and your name on the back. It is fully adjustable, and best of all it is only $15.00 with no tax.
If you want one of these, you can get it yourself by contacting Toni Morrison directly. Her phone
number is on the contacts page of the newsletter. Optionally, you can order one from Marcel at a meeting, on a ride or
by Email.

Be proud to be a Redwood Rider
Next general meeting, please order your Redwood Riders hat. Be proud to be a Redwood Rider and show our colors. Many of you do not agree with the old style of vests and patches. I get that and it is OK. However, we can wear hats that show our logo and still be in the current style. It is also good for name recognition. It gets our name out to the public. Name recognition also helps get new recruits for our club. New members are the lifeblood of any organization.

Please don't forget to send in your membership dues.
If you did not get a renewal notice email, contact Marcel at:
You can also download a form on our main website under the "Membership" tab of the menu.
Send your dues to the address on the renewal form.
2017 membership cards will be handed out at general meetings and on rides.
See Dee Dee or Marcel.

New 2017 Ride schedule announced:
See the Calendar on the Meetup site or main site for details.

Club Gear
Please note, we have added the contact information for ordering patches, T-shirts and hats
on the Contacts page of the newsletter. If you prefer, you can give your order to Marcel.

Road Rules Safety reminder
We do not ride side by side. We ride staggered. We never pass another rider in the same lane, at any speed. It is OK to get next to the rider in front of you when coming to a stop sign or a red light but never when the bikes are moving.

RRMC Membership Cards
If you don't have your membership card yet, check with Marcel. You need this card to get the discounts offered by our sponsors.
By Marcel Svizzero ~ Membership Director

Safety Officer's Tip of the Month

Motorcycle Cornering, part 3
May 2017

George Homenko

Hello Redwood Riders,

The last couple of months I have been showing you videos on the cornering. One of the reoccurring themes of the videos is the importance of when to brake and when to accelerate when cornering. This month I would like to give some more detail and elaborate on why this is so important.

As your bike leans in a corner the surface area of the tire contacting the road decreases. When the bike is upright your tire starts off with its maximum amount of surface contact. As the tire rolls on its side the surface contact decreases as the lean increases. This can be easily seen, when you bike is perpendicular to the road the tire has the maximum amount of surface contact with the road. When it is on a kick stand surface area of the tire has less contact with the road. Designers try to minimize this with modern tire designs but only so much can be done.  Now you are in a turn with less tire surface contacting the road and an increasing amount of centrifugal force trying to slide you out of the turn. Under normal conditions all is good but then if you add heavy braking or acceleration these additional forces are then added to the existing tire loads. This is when trouble can occur.

This is why it is recommend to brake before the turn and accelerate only as the turn starts to open up and the rear tire regains more surface contact. If you find yourself in a turn to fast obviously back off on the throttle and try to avoid the use of the brake. This why entering a corner in a lower gear with higher engine RPMs is a good idea. This gives you more engine braking to slow the bike in a turn by gently easing back on the throttle if it becomes necessary.

What you are trying to avoid is having the rear tire sliding out from loss of traction.  The worst case scenario is that the loss of traction can cause a high side crash.  This happens when the rear of the bike slides out and gets out of alignment a few degrees with the front tire. Then if the rear tire re-establishes traction the bike can violently sling shot the rider and the motorcycle to the outside of the turn. That is the definition of a high side crash.

Now for the video part of the lecture. I like this guy because I like to watch him drive through the roads and traffic in Taiwan. It's a bit nerve racking and it's hard to believe he is still alive and riding. No comments on his right side passing. It starts a little slow but he does do a pretty good job of explaining a high side and a low side crashes in this video.

I know for a lot of the members this may seem a little basic. But for me writing about these basic/intermediate concepts has definitely helped me become a better rider. Even though I have owned a motorcycle for almost all of my life.

Safety Officer
BMW George

By George Homenko ~ Safety Director

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