Redwood Riders Motorcycle Club
Motorcycle Club Officers and flag salute
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Many of our members are veterans. Thank you for your service

Club Officers

Voting Board Members
President: Ben Johnstone
Vice Pres: Gretchen Tomm
Treasurer: Dee Dee Dargence
Secretary: Sharon McMillan
Tours & Events Director: Mike Holden
Safety Director:
George Homenko
Membership Director: Marcel Svizzero
Sargeant at Arms: Rosalie Mack
Member at Large: Wade Roberts
Past President: Terry Perry

By Board Appointment

Road Captains

Mike Holden, Senior Road Captain/Trainer
Ben Johnstone
Terry Perry
Gretchen Tomm
Wade Roberts
George Homenko
Michael Turpin

For questions about upcoming rides contact
our Road Captain staff at:

Club Gear Information
Marcel Svizzero                                                    

Webmaster: Marcel Svizzero                           
Newsletter: Marcel Svizzero                                     
Public Relations Coordinator: Mike Simi

For more contacts, see our "Contact Us" page