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Keep your eyes on the road

Motorcycle Group Riding Road Rules

     Pre-Ride Inspection!
     Look at your bike. Take a look at your friend's bike. ARE THEY SAFE?
     Walk around your bike. Check your tires, brakes and look for any potential problem.
     Also check your lights, Are they all working?
     Is your tank full? Always come to rides with a full tank of fuel. Check your oil level, tire pressure and look for any leaks.
     It is recommended you wear a DOT or SNELL approved helmet.

     On The Road.
     Don't be distracted!

     Ride in staggered formation. Keep a safe distance from the bike in front of you,
     one second behind the nearest bike, two seconds behind the bike directly in front of you.
     In single file riding, ride two seconds, behind the bike in front of you.
     If you are not comfortable at this distance, you can extend it up to four seconds depending on speed.
     Do not extend the distance more than four seconds since you may not see signals sent by the Road Captain.
     Do not lag behind as to separate the group. If you wish to ride slow, go to the end of the group.
     Do not pass another rider. If you must pass, pass as you would a car (in another lane.)
     Never pass another rider in the same lane.
     Stay focused. Pay close attention to cars and trucks. Always be aware of everything going on around you.
     Don't be distracted.
     Do not ride in a car's blind spot.
     Relay hand signals, e.g. single file, left turn, right turn, object on the road, Smoky ahead, etc. (See below)
     Point to obstacles on the road.

     Carry owners manual, registration, flashlight basic tools, tire inflate (not for bikes with tire pressure monitors.)
     Inform the Road Captain if you are going to leave the group.
     If someone breaks down, you may stay with them but follow instructions given by the sweep.

     Hand Signals

      motorcycle riding

     Please learn these. They are the ones we typically use on our rides.

Detailed Road Rules for all members

Motorcycle Club Member patch
Road Captain Rules and Training Guide

Road Captain Patch