As many of you know I would do almost anything to get out of writing an article. So instead of the written recap I made a visual one. Best viewed in High Definition.

Also here are some of the photos taken:  You can download them if you want.

I have to mention that we did have an accident early in the ride. Glen Gillis got back ended by another bike in the group and sustained a significant amount of damage to his bike. We later found out that Glen also broke a bone in his foot. If there is a fortunate aspect to the crash, it was that we were still only about an hour away from Santa Rosa when it occurred. Glen was forced to drop out and he was greatly missed for the remainder of the ride.

We had 19 Riders on 18 Bikes. We rode about 2,350 miles in the 9 days.

A special thanks to all the riders that made the ride.  It was a special event, one I will not soon forget.  Also a special thanks to Gretchen Tomm who made the ride happen and my sweep Heidi Bigall who kept the herd together.

Ride Captain – George Homenko

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