We started and ended the ride with 11 bikes and 13 riders. Kickstands up at 9:30. The morning was overcast and a little cool at Shari’s. As we drove East the overcast started to break up and by the time we arrived at Isleton and the boat the weather was definitely looking better.

We got underway on the boat for our ride up the Georgiana Slough to the delta town of Walnut Grove at noon. The trip upriver took about 90 minutes. Upon arrival the ice cream shop was the first stop in town. We were in Walnut Grove for about a half hour so some took the time to do some exploring.

We had three bridge openings to get to the ice cream parlor, so on the return tip we opened the same bridges three more times. Got back to the home dock at about 3:30. That put most people back in Santa Rosa at around 5:30.

Your Ride Captain – George

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