General Motorcycle Safety

  1. Stay Safe with a Well-Maintained Motorcycle: Ensure your ride gets regular check-ups!
  2. Before EACH Ride, do a Pre-Ride Safety Check: At the bare minimum, check the following:
    1. Tire Pressure – Also look for visible signs of wear
    2. Directional Signals
    3. Horn
    4. Head Lights
    5. Brake Lights
    6. Engine Oil
  3. Wear a DOT or Snell Approved Helmet: A full face helmet provides the maximum protection but any approved helmet is better than none. It is illegal in California to ride without a helmet.
  4. Wear the Right Protective Gear: Not only will it protect you if you are in an accident, it keeps you safe from other hazards such as wind chill, hot weather and flying debris.
  5. Maintain your Skills: Take an MSF Training Course, watch videos, practice and most importantly, just keep riding!
  6. Be Constantly Vigilant: Ride like everyone and everything is out to get you! Scan road conditions (potholes, wet leaves, gravel, etc.) and surrounding traffic constantly. Recognize potential hazards and maneuver appropriately.
  7. Ride with a Purpose:  All your movements should be deliberate and executed with confidence and competency.
  8. Be Visible: Make yourself easy to see by wearing reflective gear. Make eye contact with other vehicle operators.