Group Riding Protocol


  • Look at your bike. Take a look at your friend’s bike. ARE THEY SAFE?
  • Walk around your bike. Check your tires, brakes and look for any potential problem.
  • Also check your lights, Are they all working?
  • Is your tank full? Always come to rides with a full tank of fuel. Check your oil level, tire pressure and look for any leaks.
  • It is recommended you wear a DOT or SNELL approved helmet.
  • Carry your owners manual, registration, license, flashlight and basic tool kit. A tire repair kit is also recommended.

On The Road

  • Always keep a safe distance between bikes. The suggested safety cushion discussed below is based upon normal riding conditions.
  • Normal group riding formation is staggered. Allow a safety cushion of 1 second behind the nearest bike and 2-3 seconds behind the bike directly in front of you.
  • When riding single file, keep a minimum of 2 seconds maneuvering space between bikes. Increase distance to 3-4 seconds on when visibility is limited due to curves or road conditions.
  • Do not extend the distance more than 4 seconds since you may not see signals sent by the Road Captain.
  • Maintain your position in the formation.
  • Do not pass another rider within the same lane. If you must pass, do so in another lane as you would in a car.
  • Absolutely NO PASSING another rider during the ride.  You may change your position in the formation when resuming the ride after rest / gas / lunch breaks.
  • If you meet the group during the ride, position yourself at the end of the formation but before the sweep.
  • Absolutely NO ALCHOHOL! If you do consume alcoholic beverages during the lunch break, you must remove yourself from the group and ride behind the sweep. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • NO CONSUMPTION OF DRUGS which may cause an impairment.
  • Stay focused. Pay close attention to other vehicles. Always be aware of everything going on around you.
  • Don’t be distracted.
  • Do not ride in a car’s blind spot.
  • Hand signals are passed backwards from the Road Captain. Relay all signals back to the rider behind you.
  • Point to obstacles on the road.
  • If you are having trouble keeping up with the group, inform the Road Captain at the earliest opportunity so he/she can adjust the pace.
  • Inform the Road Captain or Sweep if you need to leave the group.
  • No Co-Riders under the age of 16.
  • No Pets on rides.
  • Have Fun!

Click HERE to download the complete RRMC Group Riding Protocols

The “Motorcycle Hand Signals” Animated GIF was reproduced from the The Motorcycle Legal Foundation. To view the original source, click HERE