Ride Calendar

Please check our Meetup Page for the LATEST information regarding rides & ride status. The following is our Ride & Meeting Schedule for the year.

2022 RRMC Ride & Event Schedule At-A-Glance:
IMPORTANT!! Check Meetup for Current Dates

Unless Noted Otherwise, Ride Times Are As Follows:
Meet Time: 9:00 AM – Departure Time: 9:30 AM (Daylight Savings Time)
Meet Time: 9:30 AM – Departure Time: 10:00 AM (Standard Time)

We are back to having in-person meetings and rides, however, this may change due to the ever evolving world we currenlty live in. Please check the Meetup Calendar for the most current ride schedule. While not riding, we will practice safe procedures; physical distancing of 6 ft., face masks, etc.

Saturday 1st: Cloverdale. Road Captain: Heidi Bigall
Wednesday 12th: Drakes Bay. Road Captain: George Homenko
Saturday 15th: After Holiday Party
Sunday 16th: Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. Road Captain: Ben Johstone
Tuesday 18th: General Membership Meeting

Saturday 5th: Mystery Ride. Road Captain: Mark Hilla
Wednesday 9th: Woodacre Two Bird Cafe. Road Captain: Melisa Brown
Tuesday 15th: General Membership Meeting
Sunday 20th: Ukiah. Road Captain: Robyn LaMantia 

Saturday 5th: Winters. Road Captain: Jeff Orr
Wednesday 9th: Stinson Beach. Road Captain: Heidi Bigall
*Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th: Ferndale. Road Captain: Robyn LaMantia 2-Day Ride
Sunday 13th: Daylight Saving Time START. Rides now meet at 9:00 AM and leave at 9:30 AM
Tuesday 15th: General Membership Meeting
Sunday 20st: Capay. Road Captain: Gary Pope

Saturday 2nd: Alice’s Restaurant. Road Captain: Mike Holden
Wednesday 13th: Laytonville. Road Captain: Vicky Weber
*Friday – Saturday 15th – 16th: San Juan Bautista. Road Captains: Mark Hilla & Randy Mack 2-Day Ride
Sunday 17th: Lake County. Road Captain: Melisa Brown
Tuesday 19th: General Membership Meeting

Saturday 7th: 3 Bridges. Road Captain: Mark Hilla
Wednesday 11th: Lake Berryessa. Road Captain: Ben Johnstone
Sunday 15th: Locke. Road Captain: George Homenko
Tuesday 17th: General Membership Meeting
*Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd: Morro Bay. Road Captain: Ben Johnstone 2-Day Ride

Saturday 4th: Peg House. Road Captain: Gretchen Tomm
Wednesday 8th: Lavendar Farm. Road Captain: Mike Holden
Sunday 19th: Occidental. Road Captain: Dee Dee d’Argence
Tuesday 21st: General Membership Meeting

*Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th: Topaz Lake. Road Captain: Robyn LaMantia 2-Day Ride
Wednesday 13th: Jenner. Road Captain: Jeff Orr
Sunday 17th: Clear Lake. Road Captain: George Homenko
Tuesday 19th: General Membership Meeting

*Saturday 6th – Sunday 14th: End of 101. Road Captain: George Homenko 9-Day Ride
Tuesday 16th: General Membership Meeting.
Sunday 21st: Twisty Road Ride. Road Captain: George Homenko

Saturday 3rd: Fort Bragg. Road Captain: Gretchen Tomm
Wednesday 14th: Coppolla Winery. Road Captain: Ben Johnstone
*Friday 16th – Monday 19th: Aviation & Space Museum McMinnville, OR. Road Captain: Mike Holden 4-Day Ride
Sunday 18th: Mystery. Road Captain: Robyn LaMantia
Tuesday 20th: General Membership Meeting

Saturday 1st: Boat Ride. Road Captain: George Homenko
*Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th: Chester. Road Captain: Sharon McMillan 2-Day Ride
Wednesday 12th: Mystery. Road Captain: Heidi Bigall
Sunday 16th: Surprise Ride. Road Captain: Randy Mack
Tuesday 18th: General Membership Meeting

Saturday 5th: Fall Colors. Road Captain: George Homenkon
Sunday 6th: Daylight Saving Time ENDS, all rides meet at 9:30 AM and leave at 10:00 AM
Wednesday 9th: Suisun City. Road Captain: Vicky Weber
Tuesday 15th: General Membership Meeting.
Sunday 20th: Marine Mammal Center. Road Captain: Melisa Brown

Sunday 4th: Cloverdale Toy Run. Road Captain: Ben Johnstone

* = Long Rides