Twelve Riders on 11 bikes left bright and early Friday morning for a trip to Solvang.  We avoided rush hour traffic by going south on 101, then east on 116 to 37.  We were traveling against the morning rush hour flow all the way except for the short ride on 101.  We continued against the flow on 80 north and then east on highway 12.   From there we stayed on back roads to Tracy.  Then it was south on 5 to the Pacheco pass.  This is a fast ride through the mountains and past the reservoir (as full as I have ever seen it) to lunch at Casa de Fruita.

After lunch we enjoyed the highlight of the ride as we headed south on highway 25 (known as the Airline Highway because early pilots used the road to guide them from town to town).  The road follows a valley with farms and mountains on either side and is well known for its beauty.  The ride does not disappoint, especially with the spring greenery.  All riders agree that this was a very pleasant ride.  Once we left 25 we continued south on 101 to our hotel in Buellton.

The next day Mike lead the group through to coastal hills to the Harley dealer in Santa Maria to pick up our ride captain who required a emergency adjustment.  From there it was down to the famous Cold Spring Tavern in the hills above Santa Barbara for lunch.  After lunch we continued to Santa Barbara where we cruised the beaches which gave us many interesting sights.  Then it was back to the hotel.

The return trip was straight back north on 101.  Traffic was light except for a short stretch south of Gilroy and in the city.

Of special note was how the group came together to help out each other when the opportunity arose.  This is one of the things about our club that I love the most.

Your Road Captain Ben

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