Last Sunday 18 bikes and 20 riders left Shari’s in the fog and headed for Freeport.  We rode through Sonoma to Napa with our first rest stop at the Chevron on Trancus.
Sun was now out as we continued on 128 towards Winters. This was our first test in patience…following a semi hauling cattle going about 10 miles an hour! Our second rest/gas stop was in Davis. After a couple miles on 80, we exited into the industrial area near Sacramento and took more back roads along the river to finally end up in Freeport.
Lunch was our second test in patience…seems even after making reservations and the restaurant telling us “no problem”for our group number, they just couldn’t get our lunches out! Sadly, a couple people didn’t get to eat lunch after being there 2 hours!
We headed home down 84 towards Rio Vista and 12. This was our third test in patience…..we didn’t get all the bikes on the ferry together, so we had to wait for the rest of our group. You see, the ferry runs every 20 minutes no matter what. Our last stop In Rio Vista for gas, lunch at McDonalds for one member and ice cream for others.
Overall, it was a great day with nice back roads and fun friends!

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