For those of you that didn’t go on our 3 day ride up to Gold Beach, Oregon, you missed a fun and relaxing trip!

We left Shari’s at 7:30 with 19 bikes and 21 people. The ride up the coast was really nice with very little fog, which is amazing. We arrived at “our home away from home” about 5:15. After settling in, we had a short happy hour, then walked across the street to dinner.

Saturday, our boat picked us up at our resort motel dock to take us 32 miles up the Rogue River to our lunch stop in the town of Agnes. We saw Bald Eagles and other birds. After lunch, which was really good, our boat captain notched it up a bit for the ride back down the river with more spins and quick stops to get us wet! It was perfect weather too.

Sunday, we left Gold Beach at 8:00 for another nice ride home for a total of 815 round trip for me.

Thanks to Sharon McMillian who helped me plan our timing stops and mileage, Mike Holden for our sweep and George Homenko our mid road captain. We didn’t have any bike or people trouble! And a big Thank you to Mike and Julee Sherman for heading us to Jots Resort and a local tour!

Hope to see you on our next overnight ride!


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