Wow, what a big turn out what had Saturday for our ride to the Lavender Bee Farm in Petaluma. The 28 riders, 25 bikes and 1 car took back roads to the farm.

A big THANK YOU to our member Rick Wallenstein and his wife JoAnn for providing us a private tour of their beautiful Lavender Bee Farm, and having tasty lavender lemonade and snacks drizzled with their honey!

Since our turnout was so wonderfully large, we had to shift gears midstream (at the farm) and find another restaurant to accommodate us. The one I had planned on could not handle our large group.

THANK YOU Mike Holden for his knowledge of so many restaurants! He had remembered a place in San Geronimo that not only was willing to accommodate us, but the food was delicious. So, Mike and I switched places for the ride to the restaurant, as he knew where to go. He lead to San Geronimo and I was sweep. After lunch, I headed out to the coast to cool off, then everyone split off different places to head home.

All and all, a really nice day with sunny beautiful weather and a fun group!

Thank you,

Gretchen, Road Captain

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