This is the second year we have done this ride. Candace and I really enjoy doing it for all our friends in the club.

At 9:30 at Shari’s we had 24 people on motorcycles plus one person in car (her bike was in the shop). Kick stands were up at Shari’s at 9:30. We then drove a direct route to Suisun City for a quick pit stop and then on to Rio Vista to pickup sandwiches for lunch. At this point 4 riders split off. So we had 21 people left to do the boat ride. 10 minutes further down the road we boarded the Catherine E and took a leisurely ride up the Georgiana Slough to the delta town of Walnut Grove. Walnut Grove has a nice public dock and a great little ice cream parlor right at the top of the dock. Many calories were consumed by all!

After about a half hour we got back on the boat opened three draw bridges (again) and returned to the marina. It was getting late in the day so the ride back was pretty much the same as the ride there, the shortest way. We stopped in Suisun City for a fuel top off and best wishes and goodbyes. Lots of hugs, hands shakes and until next time were exchanged.

– BMW George

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