13 riders on 13 bikes left Sharies for Calpella. We traveled up 101 to Mark West Springs road where we turned east. The new construction replacing the homes lost in the fire along Mark West is progressing nicely. We turned north on Franz Valley road until we hit highway 128. This road is narrow and lightly traveled with lots of technical turns and some excellent views. It was fun seeing what was going on in the woods with the trees turning, and in the fields with the grape harvest in. We noticed signs of reconstruction on this road as well.

We turned north on highway 128. This road had a good surface and many and varied turns. We entered Geyserville and went north to Cloverdale on the access road passing through a runners marathon along the way. After a break in Cloverdale we again headed north on 101 to Hopland. There we went east to Old River Road where we turned north to Ukiah. The Old River Road was another smooth surfaced road with varied turns and scenes of vineyards and farms. It was a very pleasant ride.

At Ukiah we went north on 101 again to Calpella for our lunch stop. Even though the Calpella Club was busy, we all got a table together and enjoyed good conversation and generous portions. After lunch we headed straight back home on 101.

– Big Ben Johnstone

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