We finally got a ride day without rain….YES! We had twelve riders, which is a lot for a Wednesday ride. I guess there was a lot of pent up demand and frustration over all the past canceled rides.

As I said we had twelve riders, lost one during the ride but gained another, to maintain the the twelve. Due to the fact that the River Rock Casino buffet is now closed on Wednesdays, I change the route. We did a simple and classic Sonoma County ride, a good way to start the year. We rode up the West side of the Russian River and then along the West side of Dry Creek. Crossed Dry Creek and took Dutcher Creek Rd to Cloverdale. Had a pit stop at the Sinclair Station. We then drove South on the frontage road to Geyserville, turning onto 128 and following it towards Calistoga. As we neared Calistoga we then took a scenic detour onto Franz Valley Rd and then onto Franz Valley School Rd leading into Calistoga and Buster’s. Buster’s BBQ is a great place and always a good place to eat.

Ride was a bit brisk in the morning but the sun continued to warm the day. The wild flowers are starting to really come out and some of the views were beautiful.

BMW George

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