Road Captain: Ben Johnstone. 22 bikes and 23 riders left on a perfect riding morning up 101 to Cloverdale where we turned off on 128. We continued north through the valleys and past the vineyards to Booneville for our first rest and gas stop. We picked up another bike and passenger along the way.

Then it was through the redwoods as we continued north to highway 1. We cruised past Mendocino and exited to the Lighthouse. After visiting the Lighthouse, we discussed the ride. My original plan was to return down highway 1, but the fog was in so we decided to go Highway 20 back to highway 101 instead. We headed north to Fort Bragg where we stopped for lunch then jogged south to highway 20. It had been some time since I had traveled this section of 20 and it was quite enjoyable.

We headed south on 101 to our planned stop at Ukiah. As luck would have it a portion of our group was blocked by a car and could not exit. I felt sorry for them for a moment. After gassing up we resumed our travel south on 101. We could see a storm to the south, but it appeared to lie east of our route. The appearances were deceiving though, and we passed right through it. There were heavy rains and wind. I then stopped feeling sorry for those that had missed the Ukiah turn off for they also missed the heavy rain. It is all part of the riding experience.

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