I was happy to step up and lead the 1st Saturday ride of August ride since Dan was heading to Sturgis. It was a beautiful, and sunny day. 18 bikes and 18 riders (one new rider) left Shari’s at 9:30 and headed up 101 to Markwest Springs Rd, then onto Calistoga Rd.  At Calistoga, the 3 three wheelers left us as they didn’t want to deal with the predicted heat of Lake County.  We headed south on 29 to Deer Park Rd, thru Angwin and over to Pope Valley for our 1st stop.  After our break, we headed toward Middletown and 29, then north to Lower Lake and east to Lakeport for lunch.
Lunch was at Renee’s Cafe. We were accommodated on the front outside patio. After a really good lunch, we headed north to hwy 20, gassed up, then headed west to 101. As we went south on 101, the temperatures rose and by the time we hit Hopland, it was 100!  Thankfully, that didn’t last too long and it cooled as we rode south. After our last stop in Cloverdale, we chatted about our day, said our goodbyes and headed home.  It was a fun day and total mileage was about 200 miles.
In the Wind, Gretchen

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