What does one do when the power goes out? You go for a ride of course. It was a beautiful day to be outside. We had 9 bikes and 9 riders. All guys except for me, the “leader of the pack.” Thank you, Dan Shilling, for being sweep.

Our journey began at 9:30 a.m. when we left Shari’s and headed out the Expressway to Stony Point Road. Took Mechem over to Pepper, Pepper to Bodega Avenue and then out past the Coast Guard Station on Tomales Road. Once we hit Highway 1, we headed down the Coast. Our first stop was Pt. Reyes Station.

After a short break we hit the road, again, heading down the coast on Hwy 1. Our next stop was the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. I was so looking forward to spending some time at the Center but it was not in the cards. I had called ahead to make sure the Center would not be affected by the power outages that were happening and was assured they would be open as they had generators. We pulled up to the Center and there was a very big sign saying they were closed to the public due to the power outage and their generators were not working.

Well, being the type of group we are, we shrugged it off and said “let’s go eat.” So off we went. We followed the scenic coastline along the ridge past the view of the Golden Gate Bridge and back to Alexander Road. We crossed back under the freeway and took Alexander Road along the water’s edge down into Sausalito. I had heard there were some spots that may be affected by the power outage but Salito’s assured me that they would be open. As we passed through downtown Sausalito and saw all the people out enjoying the day, and saw that the shops and restaurants were open for business my spirit was lifted with the idea of enjoying a great lunch overlooking the Bay. As we got closer to Salito’s (one block away), I noticed no lights, no people and no open businesses. Yep, the power was out at Salito’s. My heart sank again.

Not to worry though, George came to the rescue and said he knew of a place in San Rafael that had good food and was on the water. So, off we went. The restaurant was called Pier 15 and is located off Francisco Boulevard E in San Rafael. Turned out he was right. The food was very good.

It was discussed after lunch that this ride should be renamed to the Power Outage Ride. Very appropriate due to the circumstances, wouldn’t ya say…LOL! We said our good-bye’s at the restaurant and everyone headed home.

Needless to say, I was bummed my ride got derailed by PG&E’s power outages, but even with these few mishaps, it was still a great ride with the best group of people. Thank you to everyone for joining me on this ride and for your “just rolled with it” attitudes. Oh and did I mention that George chose my ride to try out his new bike that he just picked up the day before. It is a beauty George.

Melisa Brown

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