Sunday October 20th with a bright and sunny day ahead the club met-up at Shari’s at 9:00am. A riders meeting was held at 9:20 and kick stands were up at 9:30. We had 20 persons on 18 bikes. The route was direct, with a morning break at Suisun and a stop to pick up sandwiches in Rio Vista, destination Ox Bow Marina in Isleton. We boarded the boat at 11:30 and headed up the Georgiana Slough to the town of Walnut Grove. The up river trip on the boat takes about an hour and a half. Once at the Walnut Grove docks we indulged in ice cream delights and a leisurely tour of the town.

At 2:45 we again boarded the boat for our return voyage back down the Sacramento River and the Georgiana Slough to the marina and our bikes. Kick stands were again up just before 4, as we back tracked the ride taken earlier that day. Most people were home before 6 that evening.

Candace and I really enjoy doing this ride and we had a wonderful time with some great people!

George Homenko

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