We had 10 adventurous riders on 10 bikes. Kickstands went up at 9:30 with overcast skies and not much smoke. We took a fairly direct route to Chileno Valley Road, that being one of my favorite roads. On Chileno Rd. the sun started to show and it started to get nice out. From there we rode to Nicasio for the morning break. Around 11am we saddled up and made our way to Fairfax and onto the Fairfax – Stinson Rd. The first part and the last part of this road are not too bad, but the road from Alpine Dam to the West side of Mount Tamalpais is a bit challenging. Lots of 10 mph or less switch backs. We had a little fog blocking the view but we could still see some incredible sites. For anyone who has never been on this road it is a must do. We hit Stinson at noon and proceeded with our picnic lunch.

After lunch it was straight up Hwy 1 with the fog receding even more. The afternoon break was at Nick’s Cove, for one more round of conversation and a bunch of see you next times. I made it back to Santa Rosa about 2:20 that afternoon. A special thanks to my favorite sweep, Heidi for helping out.

Road Captain – George

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