The motorcycle/boat ride is typically more of a social event than a traditional bike ride and this year was no different. Lots of time to sit and catch up with fellow riders…who is doing what, my next bike and where should we go in ’22 were all part of the many conversations. At times it’s hard for me to tell what I like better, a nice smooth twisty road or sitting around with a group of fellow riders. I guess it’s nice to be able to do both in the same day.

It started out as a cool morning at Shari’s. The bikes started arriving before 9am and by the time we were ready to start moving at 9:30 we had 22 bikes and 23 riders. We rode a direct route to Suisun for a pit stop, about an hour and ten minutes from the start. From there another direct shot on Hwy 12 to Rio Vista to stop and get sandwiches, for lunch on the boat. We arrived at the marina just before noon on a beautiful calm day on the delta. We have the boat ride in the fall because weather is at it’s best in the delta that time of year. This year was no exception, the temperature was in the high 80’s.

We all got on the boat, sat back and got comfortable for a 90-minute ride up the Georgiana Slough to Walnut Grove. Along the route we stopped traffic and opened three draw bridges. In Walnut Grove we did some ice cream, exploration and even some swimming.

The return trip was pretty much the same as the trip upriver except that now the current was in our favor and we were able to travel at a breathtaking 7 ½ miles an hour. Returned to the marina just before 4pm. That put most people back home at around 6pm.

A good time and good friends.

Road Captain – George

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