It was an interesting day at the RRMC Saturday ride. I was so excited to see that 10 brave and optimistic souls had come out to join me for the ride. We also had a few other members stop by to say hi and have a safe ride. Weather looked iffy but we chose to believe the weatherman when he said the rain would be so little that it would not even hit the ground. So, at 9:30 sharp, off we went.

We headed up Hwy 101. Right off the bat we started getting some heavy misting. This is where the windshield has water droplets on it. My sweep got swept away around Mark West Springs Road, along with 3 others. No worries, folks, I hear they all got home safely. George took over as sweep. Thank you, George.

This left us with 6 riders by the time we got to Shiloh Road. Continued on we did… winding through the back roads on Chalk Hill Road up to Hwy 128 and then back to Hwy 101 at Geyserville. As we were on this leg of the ride, the weather seemed to start clearing up and my spirits were lifted with thoughts of this ending up to being a nice day after all. That was short lived as the heavy misting started again. I stopped in Geyserville to do a ride check and take a census to continue or head back. It was here that I learned another rider had caught up with us to join the ride. This replaced the rider that decide it was best he head home.

With 6 daring riders that were courageous enough to continue the ride with me, we headed out up Hwy 101 towards Hopland. Weather was a bit cold but no actual rain as of yet. Once in Hopland we turned and rode up Hwy 175 (over the Hopland Grade, I think they call it). Just love this road. All was going swimmingly so far…pun intended. As we got to our gas stop at Rotten Robbie’s, it had started to sprinkle a little more intensely…okay, so it actually started raining. So much for believing the weatherman.

After discussing it with the others we decided to head straight to the restaurant instead of continuing around the lake. 15 minutes later we were at the restaurant having hot coffee and ordering our food. We hung out for a little over an hour. We discussed the route back home and decided not to take Bottle Rock since it literally had just rained an hour ago and the roads are a bit twisty at times. Not a good combination. All were in agreement to just head back down Hwy 29 to Hwy 53 to Calistoga.

By the time we left the restaurant, the weather had cleared up. We decided to say our goodbyes at the restaurant and not make the last scheduled stop as some of the riders would start peeling off before we hit Calistoga.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good ride and I am deeply appreciative for those that showed up and those that did the entire ride.

I completely forgot about taking pictures but lucky for us, George got a few pictures and did a video. Thanks so much George.

Video of our ride.

Looking forward to the next ride

Road Captain – Melisa Brown

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