The morning started off looking a lot like the last time I tried this ride. That’s when we had to give up and call it a half hour into the ride. I must say I was worried and not really thinking anyone would show up. At 9:30 it was reported that in the north end of Santa Rosa there was a lite rain falling. Well, me being as stubborn as ever I was at Shari’s at 9:30. And to my surprise there were already 5 bikes waiting. By the start time, we had 11 guys and one intrepid lady ready to give it a try. Way to go Denise.

Roads were damp but not wet and as we got closer to the coast we could see blue breaking through. As the day proceeded it got warmer and the roads dried out completely. Turned into a really nice day.

We rode out to Hwy one via Roblar Rd. Turned right and went up the coast to the Jenner turn off. We then rolled into Duncans Mills at right about 11am for our morning pit stop. About 20 minutes later we’re back on the road for a tour of the fall colors of the local grape vineyards. Toured up West Side Rd. crossed Lambert Bridge and took 128 to Calistoga. Rolled into Buster’s for a great Bar B Que at about 12:45.

There was no official ride home. So, we said our goodbyes at Buster’s and all took off in several directions. A nice day with some good people!

Here is a short video of the ride:

Road Captain – George Homenko

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