On New Year’s Day, a hearty group of 13 bikes with 14 riders left Shari’s parking lot at 10:00 a.m., daring the 37 degree weather.  Our destination…..the sleepy Town of Cloverdale and the Railroad Station Bar and Grill for lunch.  The group headed to Stony Point Road and turned on to Roblar Road at the Washoe House.  We then turned onto Bodega Hwy and enjoyed the views of the agricultural properties of West Petaluma.  The pasture lands turned into ocean views in Bodega Bay.  Traffic was light for a Sunday, but there were many surfers and spectators stopped along the road near Salmon Creek.  Our rest stop was in Duncan Mills at the Bakery/Coffee shop.  We then headed on Hwy 116 towards Gurneville, making a left turn onto Wohler Road.  The rest of the route was Westside Road to W. Dry Creek Road, to Lambert Bridge Road then onto Dry Creek Road with a final Turn onto Dutcher Creek Road which took us all the way into downtown Cloverdale.  After lunch everyone took off on their own to go home.

I found myself absolutely energized on this crisp, clear day.  I kept saying to myself, we truly live in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.  I was full of gratitude!

I would like to thank my sweep for the ride, the amazing George Homenko!  Also a shot-out to all who rode and made it a fun, safe ride.

Best wishes to all for an amazing 2022!

Road Captain – Heidi Bigall

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