12 riders were present at the start of the riders meeting. Then disaster almost struck! A 13th rider showed up at the last moment. Fortunately for us, one rider received a last minute phone call and had to drop out. 12 riders left heading north on highway 101. As soon as we got on the freeway, 2 additional late arrivals joined in. Now we were 14 riders.

We traveled north on 101 to Cloverdale where we exited on highway 128. This is one of my favorite highways in the area and it did not disappoint. As we passed through Boonville, the temperature dropped, and the air became more humid. It was VERRY cold riding. We stopped at the Navarro store for deli sandwiches. As we were enjoying the outside radiant heaters, 3 riders stated they were too cold and would be leaving.

The remaining 11 continued on 128 through the redwoods and onto the coast. The temperature at the coast was 12 degrees higher, and the lunch at the lighthouse was very pleasant. After lunch and a visit to the lighthouse, we continued a short distance north to highway 20 east and then on to 101 south and home. All participants had a great time with some of them seeing the lighthouse for the first time.

Road Captain – Ben Johnstone

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