Yes, it was another great day to be on the bike. And what a great ride it was, if I may say so myself. It was so worth taking the day off of work. It was also so exciting to see all the bikes/riders that came out to join me on my ride.  Thank you all so much.

We started out with 19 bikes at Shari’s and headed up Hwy 101 to River Road.

Here we picked up 2 additional bikes/riders.  Staying on River Road we continued to Monte Rio where we had our 1st bathroom break and rest stop at the Park next to the River.

After everyone had done their thing we headed out.  Robyn L., a RRMC member,  was not able to make the ride but we made her a part of it as we honked our horns crossing the bridge which is practically right outside her door. I am sure she heard us.  

Continuing out Bohemian highway we meandered through the winding roads to Occidental.  Here we we did another quick honk out to another RRMC member that was not able to make the ride, Heidi and Bill Faulkner.  

In Occidential we made a turn onto Coleman Rd to Joy Rd and back down to Bodega Hwy. 

Did I mention what a beautiful day it was for a ride.

Once on Bodega Hwy we headed south to Hwy 1 towards Pt. Reyes Station for another quick break. From here we stayed on Hwy 1 to Olema where we took a left onto Sir Francis Drake Blvd.  This led us down one of the most beautiful roads I have been on.  It winds through valleys and redwoods so you get the best of both views.  This road led us to San Geronimo where we stopped at the Two Bird Cafe and had lunch.

We were excited to see two additional RRMC members join us for lunch:  Sharon M. and Rosalie M. Thank you so much ladies for joining us for lunch.  It was great seeing you both.

We were lucky to be seated outside on the beautiful tree covered deck.  The food was good and the service was great considering we had 21 people for lunch.

We did have 3 members that decided our table’s conversation was not intellectual enough so they sat at a table by themselves. They will remain nameless….but they know who they are….lol

Everything seemed to be going great until I went to ask the waitress if she could start printing out our checks.  Turns out I failed to mention that we would need separate checks.  She informed me that would not be possible since the order was placed as one ticket. Needless to say it was a cluster you know what…. but in the end we got it worked out and thanks to some very special people who threw in some extra cash at the end we were able to provide the waitress a good tip.  This is the kind of mistake you only make once….ugh.  So sorry everyone but thank you for your understanding and willingness to just go with the flow.

After lunch many of the riders went their own way home while the rest of us headed out Nicasio Valley Road to Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Road.  Turning left onto Hicks Valley Road took us further into the backroads of our beautiful county.  We then turned onto Chileno Valley Road that led us back to Bodega Avenue.  During this stretch, a couple other riders peeled off to head home.

The rest of us continued to Pepper and headed back to Stony Point Road.  

A couple of us ended up stopping at the Washoe House for a cool refreshing drink to end a great day.

By the way, did I mention what a beautiful day it was????

Total ride was about 125 miles.   

Thank you to my sweep, Jim Hyatt and our mid sweeps George and Ben for helping keep the group on track and together.

And a many thanks to all of you for making this such a fun ride.  It was absolutely awesome to spend the day riding with all you folks.

Road Captain – Melisa Brown

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