We left Shari’s at about 10:05 with 10 bikes & riders (quite a difference from last year’s ride which had 30 riders!). The morning was a bit cold and damp, but the group persevered and after a brief pre-ride meeting, we were off!

We headed west on Rohnert Park Expressway, then took the backroads through west Santa Rosa and north through Forestville on to Eastside Rd. into Healdsburg. We again headed west on Dry Creek Rd. north on Dutcher Creek and into Cloverdale where we stopped for our first break.

We then proceed through downtown Cloverdale on to Hwy 128 (one of my personal favorite roads) then headed east on Hwy 253 over the hill into Ukiah.

We arrived at Stars Restaurant at 12:45 where a fellow member joined us for lunch. Danny, our host at Stars was accommodating as usual and both the service and the food were great.

After a nice lunch, about half the folks opted to head straight home via 101 but the remainder of the group headed south on a few backroads through Talmage until we hit Old River Rd winding our way into downtown Hopland. As I pulled into the Cloverdale Chevron for some gas, I waved goodbye to the remaining riders. I arrived home around 4:30PM and logged 170 miles for the day.

This is one of my favorite routes with a nice combination of twisties, great scenery and decently maintained roads. Thanks to Tom Cooke for being sweep and George Homenko for the ride photos.

Road Captain – Robyn LaMantia AKA Queen Lolly

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