On the 5th of March this year 2022 we 10 did debark Redwood Riders all.  It was one of those winter Saturdays, purple lupin scattered across rolling hills, an ocean of perfect green changing dark to light. With each breath of wind great white puffy clouds rolled by as if  lost in a landscape of purest blue the sun did dare to warm. To the envy of those who look on from their shiny metal boxes we are but children, our toys rolling thunder. Morning to afternoon we danced the back road highways in a ballet of chrome and steel. This secret skill passed down to us from our fathers. We agree for the day at least to leave our worries behind and ride. Mid day lunch at a Winters taqueria left us warmed and happy. So the shadows did grow long and the air colder still as we 10 did return; with promises made and secrets kept we agree to gather another day as Redwood Riders. 

Road Captain – Jeff Orr

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